Bedtime Stories 🦉📚

Today the Owls came to school in their pyjamas in order to promote bedtime stories. Throughout the day, they read with Goshawks and even had some parents come in to share stories with the children. It was a lovely day full of engaging stories and activities surrounding texts! 

Sensory Phonics

We have been practicing our phonics using a range of sensory approaches! We have used water, sand, chalk and play-doh to practice writing and reading our known phonics. We are also getting much better at writing our names!

Story Square📚

This week the Owls were introduced to Story Squares. In the story square the Owls were invited to act out a story as it is read, this encourages the children to engage with the text in a different way from just reading or listening to it. They loved getting involved and kept requesting certain stories for them to act out. Hopefully the Owls will be encouraged to create their own stories for the Owls to act out in the story square!


Exploring Numbers🔢

The Owls enjoy being given the opportunity to investigate and explore numbers using the numicon pieces. The children were showing how we can use multiple pieces to create the number 10. We then discussed how we could sort the pieces into two groups such as odd and even. Through having the opportunity to play with the numicon they can find out more and begin to conceptually understand number.

World Awareness Week 🇺🇸🌎

This week the Owls have flown to America to explore all things American! We started by creating passports and looking at where we were flying to on a map and then finished the first day with a flight.  Throughout the week we have looked at the flag, the food, the weather and the language! Just look at everything they have been up to!

Silly Spaghetti 🍝 

This week we have been playing with some silly spaghetti. We have practised threading beads onto the spaghetti but we need to be very careful! We love the feel of the spaghetti running through our fingers.

We have also been creating things using the play-doh and playing with the lighthouse role play.

Baking Lighthouse Cookies

Following on from our book, we have been baking some Lighthouse cookies. The children all had a go at mixing the ingredients and creating their own cookies. We hope you have enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making them!