New Sofa!


We have a new sofa in owls class! It is in our reading corner and we can’t wait to curl up with a book, it looks SO cosy. We love our classroom and it feels so special to add a homely feature for everyone to enjoy, it’s a thumbs up from us!


Rainbow Spaghetti Threading 🌈 

This week we have been threading tiny minibeast beads on to dry spaghetti, it’s really fiddly and you have to be careful not to snap the spaghetti! We’ve really enjoyed playing with the messy rainbow spaghetti too and soon decided to bring in the cutlery and plates from the home corner to serve up some delicious treats. 

Outdoor Maths

This weather is so wonderful but being in the classroom was far too hot this afternoon so we took our maths outside. We checked maths passports in the sun and experimented with measuring and pouring water (before paddling in it of course!) 

Change of plan ….

Little owls decided to change our maths lesson into two different activities, the girls wanted to create play doh ice creams to sell for play doh money … and the boys decided to create huge addition questions and work them out by lining the play doh balls up in rows of ten. 

Play-Doh Maths Questions 

Who needs a pencil and paper to do work out number sentences when you have play-doh??? The little owls loved creating and working out addition and subtraction questions using squashy numbers and play doh.