Landmarks and Buildings

This week the Owls have been loving learning about different landmarks and buildings around the world. We have looked at pictures of different buildings and had a close look at the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben! We then became architects ourselves and started designing our own buildings! Below we have train stations, castles and Big Ben itself!


Pen Disco πŸ–‹

The Owls enjoyed trying out Pen Disco this week! Pen disco is a way of encouraging children’s fine motor skills development. We start by dancing with ribbon sticks to music making the patterns of the letters with our ribbon sticks. This week we have been looking a c, o, a, and d, so we have been creating circles and spirals using our gross motor skills with our ribbon sticks. We then had a go at recreating the circles/spirals on the paper all together. One we had mastered the shapes we then developed it into the correct letter formation! Well done Owls!

(Any information about how to help with letter formation can be found here:

SPring Term and Forest school πŸŒ³

Welcome back to all of the Owls it has been fantastic having your all back and enjoying our time outside together! We had a lovely bit of sunshine pop through to the play garden today whilst we were exploring the gymnastics equipment!

We have also loved getting back to forest school this term. Throughout our forest school sessions, we are able to learn how to cook safely and this week there were dinosaurs loose on the field that needed tracking down! The Owls were incredible explorers!

Snowy Santa Run! πŸŽ…πŸ½

The Owls have loved seeing the snow land at Gastrells this week! They have been enjoying playing in it throughout the week and throwing snowballs at Miss Woolls! They have also all joined in with the Santa run this week which was a lot of fun in the snow! They all ran around the field for 10 minutes and they were encouraged by the Eagles! They all won a medal at the end and enjoyed having completed it!

Visit from Stroud Police!🚨

This week we were visited by Stroud Police! The Owls loved learning about how they help to keep us safe and how we can always ask them for help! They learnt all about the number we need to call as well as learning all about the equipment they carry. Our favourite bit was definitely dressing up as police officers and siting in the driving seat of the police car!