We’re off to Denmark! πŸ‡©πŸ‡°

This year for World Awareness Week, Owls are looking at Denmark and Hans Christian Andersen.

Today, the Owls created their own passports and prepared for our flight! They needed to get their passports stamped at the check in desk and then find their seats and prepare for take off!

They had a fantastic time!🌟

Supertato πŸ₯”

On Friday, the Owls & Peregrines went to Cheltenham Literature Festival! We went to see the authors of Supertato; Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet! The Owls loved listening to their new Supertato story and playing the silly games with the authors! They were an amazing audience and listened very carefully! They even got to meet Supertato afterwards! 🌟

Y6 Buddies

This year we have partnered the Owls and Eagles up as “buddies”. They have loved spending time with their buddies whether this is reading stories together, playing together at lunch time or even eating lunch together! The Eagles have been amazing role models for the Owls and have helped teach them how to cut up their food at lunch time as well as giving them lots of suggestions of games to play at lunchtime!


We have started to learn some of our sounds in Owls this term and we have started with S, A, T, P, I and N. In Owls we try and include the sound in a lot of our learning, for example: when learning the ‘t’ sound, we had a ‘teddy bears tea party’ and when learning the ‘p’ sound, we played ‘pass the parcel’ and found lots of things beginning with ‘p’ hidden inside!

We have also been mark making in lots of different ways! One of our favourites is the paint sensory bags! The Owls loved trying to write their names in the paint!✨

Goldilocks and the Three Bears🐻🐻🐻

This week we have read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! We have acted it out all together in our story square and used the story spoons to retell the story during our play. We have also been exploring oats and what happens to them when we mix them with water! This included getting very messy which we LOVE in early years!

We then followed the Three Bears recipe in order to make our very own porridge! First, we wrote a shopping list with Miss Woolls to decide which healthy food items we might like to add on top and then we carefully followed the instructions to create the porridge! It was delicious!

Forest School πŸ”₯🍏🌳

In Owls we LOVE forest school with Mr Meadows! Throughout forest school, not only do we learn about the world around us, we also get to practice our sharing skills as well as building our friendships! We have had lots of opportunities recently to practice safely cooking around the fire! We have cooked cinnamon apple as well as jam on toast and they were both delicious! 🍞🍏

Can you spot the Owls?πŸ¦‰

The Owls have been busy this week painting their own self-portraits!✨

We have looked at the book “Along came a different” by Tom McLaughlin and have been thinking a lot about what makes us different and how we need to celebrate our differences!

Look at how amazing we all are! Can you work out who they all are?✨

Westonbirt 🌳

The Owls had a fantastic time today at Westonbirt Arboretum! It was the first time the Owls had been on a coach as a class and a school trip together but they were amazing! They made the Owls team very proud! 🌟

At Westonbirt, the Owls were taken on a bear hunt! They followed all of the locations from “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”; we travelled through the swishy swashy grass, the splishy sloshy river and even the swirling whirling snowstorm! The Owls were then chased by a bear all the way home, luckily everyone made it back in one piece!

After lunch, the Owls went on a hunt for the Gruffalo! They searched high and low and found a mouse, a fox, a snake and an Owl and then finally we found the Gruffalo!

Here are the Owls proving that there is such thing as a Gruffalo…