Cameo Kids

On Friday, the Owls had a great time acting as astronauts trying to stop the aliens from destroying earth with Cameo Kids. We found out a lot about the planets in space!


Welcome to the new Owls!

Welcome to all the new children in Owls! Last week we all had our photo taken in the photo frame to mark our first day of school! 

Finnlay’s Daddy

Today we had a visit from Simon, Finnlay’s Daddy, we learned all about his amazing job! The owls sat beautifully to listen and ask questions and couldn’t believe that Simon had worked on the Paddington film! We feel very lucky to have parents so willing to come and be a part of our school day, we have definitely learned a lot from Simon today and a few owls may be coming home asking for diving lessons (sorry about that)!

Here are some photos of the Owls watching under water videos and exploring the equipment needed to breathe and swim under water.


Owls have been so excited to learn how to play dodgeball today with some of the older children. They got really involved and wanted to keep playing all afternoon!