Owls have been so excited to learn how to play dodgeball today with some of the older children. They got really involved and wanted to keep playing all afternoon!

Boat Race ⛵

Today we made boats using jar lids and then raced them down the slope behind the school, Mrs Hallett promised she wouldn’t get everyone wet but accidents do happen …💦💦💦

Recognising Numbers

This afternoon we enjoyed throwing the correct number of bean bags into hoops to correspond with the number flashcards inside the hoops. After this we stuck the flashcards around the hall and ran to the numbers shouted out by Miss Smith.

Forest School

Here we are at forest school this morning, observing mini beasts and trying to describe what they look and feel like. It was pouring with rain but we didn’t mind!


Today in PE we tried out a variation of the relay race using bean bags, after our races we learned a song about balancing a bean bag and danced around the hall following the instructions. We had lots of giggles, especially at Miss Smith’s dance moves.

I was incredibly impressed with the Owls ability to follow tricky instructions and play different variations of one game without getting muddled up or upset when they didn’t win. Well done Owls!