The Missing Dinosaur!

Finally the Owls met their missing dinosaur when it tried to climb through the classroom roof! Luckily it hasn’t yet managed to enter the classroom properly, but the Owls loved finding him and trying to figure out how to help him get through!

Throughout the week, the Owls also had a lot of exciting activities to explore! During circle time, we discussed all about fossils; they found out all about how they are made as well as the types of fossils which can be found. They then explored fossils using salt dough and they all tried to create their own fossils using imprints of different areas of the dinosaurs bodies. Later in the week, the Owls also had to work out how to free dinosaurs which were trapped in ice! They discuss solids and liquids and worked out different methods of freeing the dinosaurs including cracking and melting. I wonder which the quickest method was?

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